How To Download Free iPod Music Legally

Heres a short introduction to my problem and then I’ll tell ya about my solution!

At this point in society we are all familiar with downloading music right? And you’d have to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard of the almighty ipod. The problem that I have recently been faced with is where to get 80 gigs of music and video, 80 gigs is quite a bit of data and if I were to pay for all of that at the standard cd price I would never accomplish my goal of filling my ipod! So naturally I did what every rookie music downloader typically does and installed limewire, yeah, not a very good idea. Within two weeks of downloading free music for my ipod I got a nice little virus that completely wiped out my entire hard drive erasing everything I had!

That was a traumatizing experience to say the least. So after reformatting my laptop I listened to a friend of mine who had been downloading music for years and he told me about torrent sites. I guess these sites are a more advanced form of p2p file sharing with less risk of viruses and trojans, yeah! There was still a problem though, all of the music and videos I was downloading were pirated or stolen and I wasn’t very comfortable with that. There must be a way to get bulk music without having to sell your house right?

The solution!

So I’m looking for an ethical way to get 80 gigs of music, surfing the net asking friends and colleges for advice. Lots of spammy websites with millions of pop-ups, ads for sites that promise the world, yet nothing solid until I ran into ipoddownloadspro, its a sweet site that actually delivered what they promise! Not only is the site layout really cool but the design is super easy-to-use. The search-and-download software is pretty slick too. I got instant access to millions of iPod compatible songs, games and movies and now I’m on my way to meeting my goal of ‘filling the 80giger up’. This is a membership site so the music isn’t exactly free but think about this, your paying $29.88 for a year of unlimited music and video downloads.

Do you realize what that means? Seriously think about that your paying less than three bucks a month for access to any song, album or video you want. This especially comes in handy when your looking for one of those hard to find albums or episodes that the p2p sites do not have readily available because no ones sharing them at the moment! So thats my brag fest regarding how to download free ipod music for my 80 gig video ipod! Hopefully I will meet my goal by January and then have to buy the 160 giger!