How to Get iPod Free Music Downloads

To music lovers iPod has become their companion wherever they go. They can carry their music library and listen to their favorite music anywhere they go with the large storage capacity of iPod. Learning how to get iPod free music downloads is very helpful to music lovers and iPod users.

Of course music lovers want to get iPod free music downloads and usually they take advantage of the free download websites in the net. The risk with these free download sites is the damage it could bring to your PC. With a lot of ads popping out of these free sites your PC is prone to get viruses, spyware and adware which can affect your PC system performance. You are lucky if your PC just get slower or the only thing affected is the speed but what if your hard drive crashed down? That would be a very messy job to fix and very frustrating experience to lose all your important files in a snap.

Sometimes iPod users cannot be blamed to get iPod free music downloads and risk their PC performance downloading from free iPod download sites because if they think of the money they have to spend on websites with pay per download, they cannot enjoy as many music as they want. Imagine paying $0.99 per download? That’s too expensive if you want tons of music for your iPod. Having a gadget like iPod with a large storage capacity, it’s frustrating to know that you cannot afford to download as much music files as you want.

With the popularity of iPod and the increasing demand of music lovers for iPod free music downloads, many websites were launched offering free download for iPod. One of these websites is MyiPodownloads. There is a big difference with MyiPodownloads, unlike other free download websites around the net, this site needs a one time payment fee for membership. But if you become a member after the one time payment you will have access to unlimited music downloads for free. No monthly fees or recurring charges and no pay per download fees. Another very important thing is no spyware, viruses and adware to damage your PC. MyiPodownloads is safe for your PC and 100% legal for iPod free music downloads.

How to Download Zune Music Instantly and Affordable

Zune has proven itself as a strong contender to other MP3 players including the iconic iPod. A surge in demand for places to download Zune music led to the spawning of many websites. You can get songs there for free or for a fee. Read on for more details.

Do not be surprised that there are many free sites that let you download Zune music without paying a single cent. This is what lures many people to go there for the songs they can load onto their new MP3 players. Before you join the league, you may want to ponder over the consequences of doing so. Perhaps one logical question to ask is why millions are paying for their music when there are free options.

Should you then look up the web, you would realize that it is not a bed of roses to be downloading Zune music at free sites. You can expose your computer to various risks. Not only so, the heavy load on the sites has resulted in slow downloading speeds and hence poor user experience.

All these sites where you can download Zune music for free are done through file sharing. If you are fortunate enough, the song you are downloading is of decent quality. But do not count on this happening all the time. Incomplete and corrupted song files are quite common. Along with them, sometimes you would also find adware, spyware and viruses that can infiltrate your PC.

Another concern of using these sites is the infringement of copyright laws. Some of the files shared are uploaded illegally. If you are building a huge collection and at the same time sharing these with other users, you could be seen as the source. For that, you are running a risk of violating the law by an innocent act.

Paid membership sites are another alternative of course to download Zune music of excellent quality without being at risk of copyright infringement and exposing your PC to harmful elements. Plus, it is very affordable. These services grant you instant access to millions of downloads for a flat fee. All other options like pay per download and monthly subscription services pale in comparison to this. The fact that they are professionally run by industry experts makes them an even more popular choice.

Priced at less than $50 per membership, this is a great chance for anyone to download Zune music and other media types like movies, videos, music videos and TV shows for your Zune player. This is one value for money package without spending too much as well as sacrificing quality and PC security.

Before you run along and join one of those poor quality services to download Zune music, why not check out from my blog which are the most popular services in today’s market?

The Record Industry Continues Battle Against Free Music Downloads

Movie and record producers alike are saying file-sharing networks that permit its users the ability to make copies from other network member’s computers are infringing on the copyright laws and costing billions of dollars in lost revenue.

The recording industry claims to have lost 25% of it’s revenues since computer, so called thieves, have been using peer-to-peer file-sharing networks to obtain free music downloads.

The two latest file-sharing companies to be targeted by these copyright lawsuits are Grokster Ltd, known for its Grokster file-sharing software and StreamCast Networks Inc. from which the Morpheus free music downloading software is distributed.

Unlike Napster, Grokster and Morpheus put a spin on the popular file-sharing phenomenon. Instead of indexing the shared files like Napster did, these file-sharing products enables it’s network members to build their own indexes – thus allowing others within the network to download free music and movie files.

While some musicians are protesting they are being cheated by these illegal free music downloads – others are speaking out backing how music, movies, pictures and copy are being shared over the Internet.

Some music lovers actually use the file-sharing networks to check out an artists latest release before paying up to $18 for a CD that may only have one good song on it. You still will have those that will never make a purchase and continue to take advantage of the free music download networks.

Many file-sharing network users have said that using these networks is good for the music industry. File-sharing can bring listeners to smaller, independent bands that they may not otherwise hear on radio or in the mainstream.

With the likes of Apple’s iTunes store many have turned their backs on file-sharing networks paying 99 cents per song – Apple claims to sell more than 1 millions songs everyday. Although iTunes is limited still, thus giving file sharing networks a void to fill the unlimited access to music and movies that may otherwise not be able from iTunes.

In late 2003 record companies started suing individuals that were downloading free music. With file-sharing networks like Grokster and Morpheus it will be much harder for the recording industry to track down files that are uploaded by individual users.

With the Supreme Court now involved they are expected to make some type of ruling in June 2005 on what if any action should be taken against the makers of file-sharing network software.

The wrong decision could discourage the future development of products like the iPod or other file-sharing software programs that could be used for legal purposes.

Since Grokster and Morpheus do not monitor or have any knowledge of who or what is being downloaded, a federal judge in Los Angeles and the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the copyright infringement charges against both these file-sharing networks.

Based on the 1984 ruling of the Supreme Court that stated the use of Sony Betamax, which allowed users to make copies at home of copyrighted TV programs, was legal.

The recording industries angle last week was that the approach companies like Grokster and Morpheus are making by advertising their software will provide access to free copies of copyrighted materials should allow them to be sued and shut down.

While the jury may be out on this one for sometime – file sharing networks and free music downloads will continue with most users not really worrying about getting sued, since most do not download free music in excess of a few files per month.

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Can You Trust Totally Free Music Downloads?

Getting the music that you want from the internet is something that millions of people are doing. They are finding that it is much easier for them to get all of the best music without having to buy the songs that they do not want with the net. However, there is a great debate right now with the idea of the totally free music download websites out there. They want you to believe that they have the best of the best in the music but in truth they may be more limited in what they are offering for the totally free price.

You have to wonder how someone is going to be able to offer thousands of songs for no reward. Why is the bigger question actually. Sure, there is the advertising revenue that they may be considering but the fact is that advertising revenue takes years to build. You have to know that totally free music downloads are not always what they seem. The fact is that they are giving you something for free and in the end it will not be what you thought.

The totally free music downloads have to make some kind of money from some point. There are several ways that they accomplish this. Now there are some sites out there that are completely supported by advertising but they are still paying royalties and so on. They have been developed over the years and have enough money backing them to make it worth their while. But the newest sites are going with another idea that is not all that positive.

You have most likely seen the flash banners that say you can get a free laptop or gaming system for filling out some forms. Well the same is being done with the idea of the totally free music downloads. They are saying that if you take part in some of their sponsor offers that you will get all the totally free music downloads that you want. Well when you get there you find out that you are having to spend a great deal of money on the sponsor offers or you have to have impeccable credit to get all the credit cards.

It is easy to see that totally free music downloads may not be all they are cracked up to be. You should be positive that you are dealing with a good company that is following through with the legal issues that stand. You do not want to get caught up in the crossfire of royalty issues.