People Will Download Your Music For Free No Matter What

As Trent Reznor himself said, people will download music for free – no matter what.

You need to accept this. Period! The record labels have not accepted it. Many artists have not accepted it. But it’s the truth of the modern music industry. People will download music for free whether you choose to offer your own music for free or not. Would you rather them have your music and potentially spread it or not? In fact, you not only need to accept the fact that people want free music. You need to embrace it and make it a core part of your promotional strategy. This is not the time to offer poor quality preview snippets of one song from your album. We are in an age of instant gratification, and if we don’t get it, we move on.

The more music you have distributed for you free of charge, the more you will sell. Some of the people who catch the “virus” will be the ones who prefer to support the artist by paying for music. Just remember, right or wrong, it’s the nature of the business today that music is essentially free. The only people who pay for music currently are people who:

a) Prefer to support the artist and have the funds to do so

b) Good samaritans or people who feel it is wrong to download music for free

c) Do not the have means (such as a computer or file-sharing network) to download for free

d) Do not have the technical know-how to download for free

It’s time to embrace the future and become your own torrent site. The days of hoarding your music are over. Release your album digitally on your own website free of charge and advertise the fact that it is freely available. Make it easy and convenient for people to get your album. Upload torrents of your album to the major Torrent websites yourself. As your band gets more recognition, many people will search your band name on Google. If they can’t find torrents of your latest album, they will bypass your band and move on to the next artist on their download list. It may not be fair, but it’s the way things are. If you want your music to be played in their music library and potentially spread virally to more people, you need – at the very least – for your music to be accessible and free for digital download.

Where To Download iPhone Music?

Are you looking to download iphone music? Is it your desire to have a huge music library? Do you want to be able to have unlimited iphone music downloads for life without having to pay any monthly fees or fees per download? You first need to understand one thing: there is nothing like a site to download free music.

You will, of course, find free sites to download music for your phone, but you must know that they are illegal and you can get into a whole lot of trouble.

Take heart! There are legal sites on the Internet. You will find that with most of these, there is only a onetime membership fee required. After that, you will be able to download as much music as you want for a full year and sometimes even longer. Membership to these sites is low and varies. The cost is about $30 for a year of unlimited access. Isn’t it worth it to stay legal?

IphoneNova has a website where you are able to download music with unlimited downloads. These downloads are continuously updated. Iphone Nova has step by step tutorials that will show you everything you need to know about installing and using the downloading software. Relax, there is no subscription involved and the members do not have to pay per download. A membership fee is $49.99, and you will never see any surprise charges. It has never been so easy to download iphone music as it is with iphone Nova!

IphoneDownloadPro is another place where you are able to download iphone music and have unlimited access with no restrictions. On this site you can access to the most comprehensive and the fastest iphone downloads on the Internet. IphoneDownloadPro offers a huge media selection, digital quality music, free 24 hour technical support, easy software that you can install and use, and best of all, there are no monthly fees or pay per download fees.

These are just a couple of sites where you are able to download iphone music. I could easily have included a number of places where you can download music for free, but I would not want you to risk the chance of getting caught. It is best to pay the membership fee and then download music for your iphone to your heart’s content!

For a list of the top 5 iphone download sites, check out:

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How to Get iPod Free Music Downloads

To music lovers iPod has become their companion wherever they go. They can carry their music library and listen to their favorite music anywhere they go with the large storage capacity of iPod. Learning how to get iPod free music downloads is very helpful to music lovers and iPod users.

Of course music lovers want to get iPod free music downloads and usually they take advantage of the free download websites in the net. The risk with these free download sites is the damage it could bring to your PC. With a lot of ads popping out of these free sites your PC is prone to get viruses, spyware and adware which can affect your PC system performance. You are lucky if your PC just get slower or the only thing affected is the speed but what if your hard drive crashed down? That would be a very messy job to fix and very frustrating experience to lose all your important files in a snap.

Sometimes iPod users cannot be blamed to get iPod free music downloads and risk their PC performance downloading from free iPod download sites because if they think of the money they have to spend on websites with pay per download, they cannot enjoy as many music as they want. Imagine paying $0.99 per download? That’s too expensive if you want tons of music for your iPod. Having a gadget like iPod with a large storage capacity, it’s frustrating to know that you cannot afford to download as much music files as you want.

With the popularity of iPod and the increasing demand of music lovers for iPod free music downloads, many websites were launched offering free download for iPod. One of these websites is MyiPodownloads. There is a big difference with MyiPodownloads, unlike other free download websites around the net, this site needs a one time payment fee for membership. But if you become a member after the one time payment you will have access to unlimited music downloads for free. No monthly fees or recurring charges and no pay per download fees. Another very important thing is no spyware, viruses and adware to damage your PC. MyiPodownloads is safe for your PC and 100% legal for iPod free music downloads.